Are You Having Fun When Riding?

Has the realization of the complexity of dressage taken the fun out of your daily ride? Do you focus so hard on the technique that you’ve lost the humor of your horse’s quirky reactions to certain environmental stimuli? Or maybe you’ve drilled him too hard, taking some of that personality of his out of him, making him more of a machine than a horse. If you think you’ve done this it’s time to get back to the joy of riding and step away from whatever it is that’s robbed you

Dressage riders must be quick-thinkers and problem solvers.

I instruct my students to break down their difficulties and have them quickly tell me what they need to do as a correction. Many times riders feel overwhelmed with the fact that their figures and movements aren’t maintaining quality. I encourage them to think in terms of gradual improvements. Instead of riding for perfection, I have them ride to do better. As they ride the long side the tell me what they feel is needed fundamentally to improve. Impulsion, straightness, steady

Considering Rhythm

Most riders that are students of dressage know the definition of rhythm as the recurring sequence and timing of the footfalls and phases within each gait. 4 beats in the walk, 2 beats in the trot, and 3 beats in the canter. With rhythm at the essence of proper training, it is imperative the rider is capable of managing and maintaining their own sense of rhythm, first independently of the horse, and then while on the horse. Without a core that is capable of a supportive balanc

A Judges Perspective

As I take a moment to rest and reflect I wanted to reach out to all horse lovers on fb that aren't getting championship ribbons or 1st places this weekend. At a recent show I judged I ran into a young girl crying and very upset. I found the TD so I could ask the girl what was the matter. She was so upset her horse was naughty earlier that day when I judged her. I listened to her between sobs of disappointment and embarrassment and then I gave her my perspective. I told her ho