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First ever recognized I-1, at our super big and fun Dressage at Devonwood show, and with qualifying scores!  Wow, I never dreamed I could get here. 🐎💕
A massive thank you to Melonie Kessler Dressage Trainer who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and who keeps pushing me to do better for myself and my horse.

Sara Olsen


A great afternoon at the Melonie Kessler clinic.  Her instance on correct basics, her sharp “S” judge’s eye, her genuine concern for the horses happiness and her fun sense of humor made for one of the best lessons I’ve had in a while. Grateful for Kathy and Massar for hosting!

Gabrielle Callahan


Today, I was privileged to ride Melonie Kessler’s super cool horse, Capalino.  This pictures does not do him justice!  He has the softest mouth and easiest changes that I’ve ever ridden.

Thank you again!

Kaitlin Marie


Special Thanks to my awesome friend and clinician Melonie Kessler for a wonderful clinic.  At my age I never expected to have a barn full of wonderful and many green horses and horses between 17-18 hands. But somehow, I am blessed with great horses to ride. Clinic was fabulous. Melonie knows how to quietly and classically move one to the next level. Was super fun. Rode my 4-year-old Wild Dance, 4-year-old Greestyle, and awesome Lauries Crusader horse. Super fun. Picture of Melonie hopping on Randi Shipley’ and my forever horse Liqueur.

Dorie Vlatten Schmitz

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